How do I organise a consultation day?

This function is only available in SchoolFox *PLUS* and *MAX*!

In this video we show you how easily plan a consultation day via SchoolFox!

In order to be able to invite parents to the parent-teacher conference, the FoxAdmin of your organisation/school must first create a date for the parent-teacher conference. This person invites all teachers of a class to plan their own available dates and send them to the parents for selection.
The individual steps that the Admin must complete in advance can be found here: How can I, as an admin, create a consultation day?
Afterwards, you and all other teachers in the class will see the event "Consultation day" on the homepage.

1. Click on "Plan your meetings" and select a class OR open the class and switch to the appointments folder and select "Consultation day".
2. Select a time slot or create a personal time slot via "Other".
3. By clicking on the individual time slots, you can select the appointments available for the parents. Green time slots are appointments available for parents, white ones are not available for selection.

4. As soon as you click on "Save and inform parents", the parents will be informed about the consultation day.
5. Under the tab "My appointments" you can see which appointments have already been selected by which parents or which are still available.