How do I create classes/groups?

Open your Browser (e.g. Google Chrome) and login at As soon as your school's admin has invited you to a classonce, you can create as many classes as you want using the school's pupil pool. (New pupils must be added by the admin!)

1. Click on "Create class"

2. Choose your own role and with who you want to communicate (parents, pupils, participants).

3. Fill in the information about your class.

4. Set your role/subject.
5. Enter first name and surname in the search bar and select the pupil you want to add to your new class. 

6. When you have picked all pupils for your class and have clicked "Continue" you can then choose if the pupils should be connected with the existing user accounts or if new codes should be generated. 

7. Now you just need to save your settings and can optionally print out the new invitation codes and give them to the pupils/pupils' parents.