How do I create timetables?

1. Open the new "Timetable" button on the class overview.

2. Click on "+ New timetables".

3. Define the timeslots/lesson. If you do not enter any times, the slots will be numbered.

4. Choose the school year.
5. Upload your timetables as excel or csv files. (Some school administration programs offer an export of the timetables!) The following columns are required: class, name of the teacher, subject, weekday and lesson.


6. First assign the data fields (class, teacher, subject, ...) to the individual columns. Check if all values ​​have been correctly assigned for class, teacher, weekday and hour.

ATTENTION! The personal timetable of the individual teachers will only be displayed correctly later if the values have been assigned correctly 

7. Check the imported data.

ATTENTION! The timetable of the individual teachers is only displayed correctly if those teachers are also connected to the class as teachers. If a teacher has been assigned who is not connected to the SchoolFox class, this will be marked here as "- From import". This means that the name of the teacher from the import file is displayed in the class timetable. This lesson is not shown in the teacher's personal timetable. 

8. Click on "Create timetables" to complete the import.

ATTENTION! If your import file contains lessons of a class for which a timetable has already been created, this existing timetable of this class will be overwritten by the import.