I don't receive push notifications on my smartphone!

Check your user profile 

In your user profile under "Push Notifications" you can check whether all the required settings have been activated. In case "Activate push notifications" and "Check battery settings" appear, you must change these options in your smartphone settings. Simply click on these links and you will be automatically redirected to your smartphone settings, where you can activate push notifications.

Android (Samsung)

Battery settings:

The smartphone's battery settings can be a reason you're not receiving push notifications. Check the following points:

Smartphone setting --> Device maintenance --> Battery--> 

  1. Apps always on Standby: If SchoolFox is listed here, click on the options button at the top right (three dots) and then on "Delete apps". Select SchoolFox and click Delete.
  2. Unsupervised Apps: If you cannot find SchoolFox in this list, click on the "+ Add Apps" button. Select SchoolFox and click "Ok". SchoolFox will now appear in the list of unsupervised apps and can use as much energy as is necessary.



Smartphone setting --> Notifications --> 

  1. Enable the app icon indicator: When this is activated a badge will appear on the App icon whenever the app receives a notification.
  2. Find SchoolFox in the app list and make sure notifications are turned on.
  3. If you click on the SchoolFox icon, the settings for the SchoolFox app notifications open. Activate all options.
  4. Open the notification category "SchoolFox - Sound and Pop-up on Screen". There you can change the "Importance" of the notifications to "Urgent" and activate all other options.



Smartphone settings --> Messages --> SchoolFox -->

  1. Make sure that all options are activated


Mobile Data:

Smartphone settings --> SchoolFox -->

  1. Make sure that the mobile data and the background updates are activated.


Battery settings:

Smartphone setting --> Battery -->

  1. Deactivate the "power saving mode". The power saving mode can suppress incoming push notifications.